Kevin Dunn - No Great Lost: Songs, 1979-1985

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A definitive anthology from one of the lost architects of new wave/post-punk. "...a revelation" says The New Yorker, of all places!

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Unavailable for over two decades, the recordings gathered on No Great Lost: Songs, 1979-1985 form a definitive anthology of one of the most distinctive and influential figures on the vital southern new wave scene: multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, and self-styled “guitar egghead” Kevin Dunn. As a producer, Dunn helped guide the early recorded efforts of Pylon and the B-52s, while as a performer (both under his own name and as a member of the Fans) he crafted startling music that bristled with invention, melodic wit, and exploratory zeal – a uniquely southern refraction of the textural and lyrical possibilities of avant-garde pop.

No Great Lost features the complete contents of his 1981 cult-classic album The Judgement of Paris, fully restored from the original master tapes, along with rare and essential single, EP and LP tracks, packaged with an extensive booklet containing period photos, original cover art and an illuminating new essay by Dunn himself.

“...a smart, engaging, innovative artist whose groundbreaking work has been unjustly overlooked – until now.” – Anthony DeCurtis, Contributing Editor, Rolling Stone

“Snotty, literate pop from this underground master of the post-punk era, sounding like the missing link between Brian Eno circa Tiger Mountain, and XTC circa Drums and Wires – while also truly ahead of its time, like it could have been recorded by kids today. Oozing with angular hooks, synth bleeps and fuzz guitar wizardry, a compilation of songs that should be – and will be, and already are – classics.”
– Robert Schneider, The Apples in Stereo


1. 911
2. AG
3. Tootsie 1
4. Tootsie 2
5. 20,000 Years in Sing Sing
6. Giovinezza
7. Creep
8. Saturn
9. Private Sector
10. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
11. Fourth of July
12. Sharks
13. Timelife
14. Mona (Live)
15. Nam
16. Clear Title
17. 9148
18. Louie, Louie
19. Nadine
20. Oktyabrina
21. Cars and Explosions

1-10: The Judgement of Paris (complete), 1981 (US: DB Recs, UK: Armegeddon)
12-14: from C'est toujours la même guitare. 1983 (Press)
15-18: from Tanzfeld, 1985 (Press)
19, 20: “Nadine” 45, 1979 (DB Recs)
21: from The Fans, “Cars and Explosions” 45, 1979 (Albion)

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